Can I ask...? Troubleshooter for one week

Quick advice when you feel stuck, confused or overwhelmed during your design proces.
I know you have tried to do it all alone (or with help from your “friends” on Facebook) but it didn’t work… No worries. Let me look at your problem and I will help you to find the best solution..

How does it work?

You can message me directly whenever you have a design question, and I'll be in touch with you as soon as possible (Monday-Friday during business hours).

How to use this service:

This is NOT a video or phone call service
This is a "Please hold on, I need to message my designer quickly and find out." service.

Examples of situations I can help you with:

  • “I am trying to brighten up this windowless hallway, but something still feels kinda “blah” about this. Is it the rug? The pictures or paintings? Help!“
  • “Which vinyl flooring would go with white cabinets/white quartz?“
  • “Help!! Closet doors with pulls or handles?! I can’t decide what looks better. They will be matte black.”
  • “I wanted a beautiful tile inlay in my master shower and I’m REALLY disliking what I ended up with. I’ll post my inspiration vs reality and any ideas for what to do now are appreciated!“
  • “What colour would you paint this room with this limestone fireplace?“
  • “Help me choose a backsplash tile for the area behind the vent hood. It’s a black and white kitchen, with natural wood shelves, and I just don’t feel like the brown tile suits the space. Would love your thoughts.”
  • “I want to refresh my family room and I’m painting the cabinets white, but what do you think I should do with the ceiling?”

How to get started:

  1. Purchase the service to begin.
  2. Your one-week messaging service will begin when you activate your service and on the first business day. I will follow up with you to activate your chat portal.
  3. We can chat via chat portal (if you have a lot of images and files you want to share back and forth). There is also an app so you can access it from any device on the go.

Don't forget:
👉 You have 1 week of access to me Monday-Friday during business hours, when I'll reply to your questions. I'll reply as quickly as I can during that time!
👉 Do you have more questions? Do you need extra time? You can always purchase additional design time and keep asking!!